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Product Development

To have to continue to provide high quality and cost effectiveness of the solution, we are actively research and development of new technology and construction technology


In the xun Yang, we have a constant demand and desire, that is, continuous improvement, innovation and creativity so that we can in the rich imagination and rich resources of design basis, to provide high value-added product innovation. The new equipment, raw materials, secondary processing procedure and the structure of the latest technology research and development, to make sure that you obtain the solution of the high quality and cost effectiveness




Creative team


Creative team is responsible for the design and application of innovative research and development department of science and technology development of post-press processing working procedure, giving and add to the uniqueness of the product. At the same time, we can cooperate with you

Develop more diversified products to enhance the market advantage.


Product design and development team


Product design and development team is responsible for the production preparation and product structure. The design concept from the product to the manufacturing feasibility of the structure of the samples before production phases, structure and new technology

Applications. The team is essential to ensure each product in the optimal state, with the highest quality and maintain competitive advantage.


Products and Services/Product Development