Terms of Sale

1. Definition: in this terms and conditions, the following words meaning is as follows:

(a) "Xun Yang paper" means xun Yang paper co., LTD., or any xun Yang paper group (Hong Kong) co., LTD, subsidiary/associated companies.

(b) "products" means in accordance with the requirements of customer orders in the production of products mentioned in process or product.

(c) under the "customers" to Xun Yang paper production orders companies or partners.

2. The quotation

2.1 price: price is according to on the basis of precise specifications provided. If you find a copy, film, tapes, or other materials provided by the customer didn‘t agree with the original quotation is based on the original specification information, xun Yang paper have the right to offer again. An offer within 90 days from the date of release, or is not accepted within a specified date will be null and void automatically, and may be adjusted by the xun Yang paper. Quotation is based on the total cost, including the cost of raw materials, public facility fee, fuel, and the current labor costs. If the cost of change affects the product before the completion of the product, the xun Yang paper this part will change correspondingly reflects in the actual cost of the affected products. Product quotation does not include the additional cost in the quotation does not cover, by this exchange sales and a current or future need to any other taxes, such additional fees and taxes shall be borne by the customer.

Shipping, transport, paper and mailing fees will be calculated according to the actual amount incurred, and shall be paid immediately after receipt of invoice. All other invoices shall be in accordance with the customer and xun Yang paper made within the prescribed time square.

2.2 anode/cathode plate and tablet: unless otherwise specified, xun Yang paper production for their clients enjoy the ownership of all the mold and plate.

2.3 provide material: by or on behalf of clients to provide material, must be sent by mail or electronic means of delivery notice verified. xun Yang paper inventory for delivery notice and field between the error does not undertake any responsibility. The customer must be delivered in accordance with the instruction of the xun Yang paper materials. Provide the process diagram, film, color reference, special moulds, magnetic tapes, disks, or other parts and materials must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, rules and standards, and without any modification or repair xun Yang paper do can be put into use. Do not conform to the requirements of items required by the customer or its representatives or xun Yang paper for repair. If the xun Yang paper for repair, xun Yang paper is entitled to as a charge to the customer. No matter under what circumstances, xun Yang paper for customer supplied material does not conform to the provisions of the cause of any consequence does not undertake any responsibility.

2.4 buy from outside: unless xun Yang agreed to in writing, all the guests to guest requests or authorization from the outside to buy raw materials and/or special processing services, need to collect fees. If the guest to entrust specific suppliers in China‘s interior to Leo directly provide and deliver components/parts, customer shall ensure that the supplier before the delivery of parts/components, show the Leo according to the general administration of customs of the People‘s Republic of China order no. 109 has been received instructions of the customs of the People‘s Republic of China processing trade bonded goods for deep-processing carrying forward application form ", otherwise, Leo will not receive the parts/components and not just any delivery delay any liability arising therefrom.

2.5 order: customer order should take a written instrument signed by a formal way. Order acceptance criterion with xun Yang paper through E-mail, fax or written confirmation. After the xun Yang paper accept orders, such as customer cancel the order unilaterally, xun Yang paper reserves the right to demand compensation from the customer accordingly. Due to xun Yang the content of the paper before production may need to be approved by the government of the People‘s Republic of China, due to the printing content can‘t approval, xun Yang paper shall have the right to cancel all orders before production and does not undertake any responsibility.

2.6 weight tolerance: xun Yang paper tries hard to according to the requirements of the customer order number for printing, but the customer can bear the weight tolerance within the scope of the changes are seen as acceptable, and xun Yang paper will also be conducted in accordance with the number of actual delivery charge. If the number of customers‘ requirement, must be in order indicate the percentage of weight tolerance is acceptable.

2.7 clearance: xun Yang paper does not undertake import products or goods may be produced by any duties or taxes, also do not have any obligation to pay the tariffs or taxes on behalf of clients.


3. Before printing

3.1 color proofing: color proofing is used to simulate the appearance of the print, color printing is expected may appear reasonable color difference between sample and finished products. When this color difference and degree in the industry generally considered tolerable range, such as the color difference will be deemed to be acceptable, and the color proofing for customers and xun Yang paper will be binding.

3.2 prepress proofing: xun Yang paper will be submitted to the customer before printing proofing and customer original samples for their review and approval. If there are any of the following, xun Yang paper production of not found error does not assume any responsibility:

The customer does not demand proofing;

After the product is approved by the customer‘s written printing;

Customer verbally required changes.

4. Production

4.1 the production plan, production plan by the customer and xun Yang paper make joint and abide by it. xun Yang paper due to server failure, software failure, and copyright disputes, labor disputes, or other reasons of xun Yang paper cannot control production caused by the delay is not liable. The above case, the two sides will negotiate to extend the production period according to the situation at that time. In addition, for production delay caused by customer‘s fault or negligence or reprint products, xun Yang paper shall not be responsible for. The customer shall bear its own causes of any form of rework and the additional costs.

Customer property: 4.2 unless caused by the negligence of the xun Yang paper completely, otherwise xun Yang paper to customer property (including but not limited to intellectual property rights) shall not be liable for any loss, deterioration or damage. xun Yang paper on the property of the liability to pay compensation amount does not exceed the amount of claims related to product liability insurance. If the customer to make a written request and underwrite the insurance premium, can expand the scope of compensation accordingly.

4.3 experiment: did the customer request production experiment or prepare products to charge for a practice in the industry. Without the written consent of xun Yang paper the trial product can not be put into use. xun Yang paper solely owns all test products and preparation of intellectual property rights.

Compensation: 4.4 the customer agrees to protect xun Yang paper because the ordered products could lead to economic losses or other harmful consequences. Customer will ensure xun Yang paper does not suffer any loss, and is responsible for the compensation of all losses caused by its products may, claims and litigation (including legal fees) in full compensation.

4.5 the intellectual property rights: the customer acknowledge and agree that by xun Yang paper disclose or provide to the customers all of the materials of copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights owned by xun Yang paper or related to the authorized person. Customers must be authorized by the xun Yang paper or its authorized person clear rear can use these data. Provide any design or order requirements should not cause xun Yang paper infringe any third party‘s intellectual property rights. Customer shall compensate xun Yang paper due to the production or provide for the customer the product involved in the infringement of intellectual property rights of all losses, damages and expenses (including all legal fees).

4.6 confidentiality: xun Yang paper and customers on both sides of the technical and commercial information confidentiality obligation, without the prior written consent of the other party, either party shall not disclose to any third party both sides in the product and order issues to discuss, negotiate, and communication and so on for the other party in the process of technical or commercial information.

4.7 personal or economic rights: the customer also ensure that its products do not contain any slander or libel information, or to anyone‘s rights, privacy or other personal or economic interests as a threat, and does not violate any laws and regulations. Customer will be solely responsible for in any legal action or proceedings thoroughly to defend the interests of the xun Yang paper quickly.

4.8 safety inspection: the agreement the parties did not advance by xun Yang paper provides safety tests, the detection as well as specified on the product is suitable for age groups and other relevant information shall be the customer is responsible for the work. In any case, due to the client fails to fulfill the responsibility to the third party damage,xun Yang paper shall not be responsible for.

4.9 the economic losses: no matter in these terms and conditions or whether included or mentioned in the order, no matter under what circumstances, xun Yang paper will not breach of contract or tort, including negligence or breach of statutory duty or any other means or causes the loss caused by the following responsibility (I) interest loss, business, contracts, income or loss of earnings, or (ii) special damages or consequential damages of any nature.

4.10 limitation of liability: whether or not in these terms or to the order is mentioned, xun Yang paper to customer orders, contracts, torts, including negligence or breach of statutory obligations, or any other means of compensation liability is limited to the product price stipulated in the order.

4.11 conditions/claim/lien: the shortage of customers for products of defects, damage, or claim must be within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt in written form. If the time did not made any claims, is regarded as the customer has confirmed and accept the products and confirm the some products have been in accordance with the customer all terms, conditions and specifications of the proposed requirements. As a payment guarantee, xun Yang paper to their own customer property has not been paid, all the semi-finished products, and products are entitled to a possessory lien, until payment of all outstanding charges and interest.


5. Acceptance of goods

5.1 proofing: unless the xun Yang paper quotation request in writing, otherwise does not provide proofing. Only in the customer to the xun Yang paper factory audit proofing cases to be submitted to the proofing sheet to the customer for approval. Due to the customer‘s delay or change the original printing time, changes, corrections must be charge at cost.

5.2 an express warranty disclaimers: xun Yang paper ensure products conform to the requirements of customer orders and prepress proofing. All other guarantee, terms or conditions of liability within the scope of the law allows to get free.

5.3 implied warranty disclaimers: xun Yang paper only guarantee the products conform to the requirements set out by the customer orders and customers specifications. Whether for negligence, default, or some other situation, xun Yang paper maximum liability shall not exceed the quotation or the product price stipulated in the order. In any case, xun Yang paper for specific, individual, or indirect losses shall not undertake any responsibility. xun Yang paper in violation of the guarantee liability shall be limited to: (I) under the condition of without increasing the customer cost to repair or replace the defective products; Or (ii) return the customer has paid the full invoice value of the amount of defective products.

6. Product delivery

6.1 delivery and risk: xun Yang paper also indicate the all shipping arrangements in your quotation sheet and terms of payment, and about the terms of the contract is a continuous and uninterrupted full order delivery basis. xun Yang paper reserves the right to increase additional fees to pay for the possibility of increased freight before the delivery date. According to the quotation to make clear, the product in to pick up the goods or by xun Yang paper on delivery will be the goods to the customer or client representatives or carrier, as the xun Yang paper has to deliver the products to customers. After delivery, risk also instant transfer of product shipped to the customer. If the customer provide the shipping information is not correct, xun Yang paper caused by so the costs of delivery and is not liable.

Unless otherwise stipulated in the quotation, the quoted price does not include finished products or the paper and other materials provided by the customer of the storage costs. Products after 30 days, or order materials safekeeping fee calculated on xun Yang paper standard storage charges. xun Yang paper of the stored material loss damage compensation liability is limited to xun Yang paper fire and expand the scope of insurance claims.

6.2 provide accessories transportation costs: customers take it provides to the xun Yang paper products factory is located in the heshan materials, parts, tools and equipment of all the freight cost. If xun Yang paper should be required to undertake the port from Hong Kong or elsewhere to heshan factory transportation costs, and is therefore all charges will be reimbursed by the customer.

7. Payment

7.1 late payment: whatever shipping arrangements, customer quotation should be in strict accordance with the provisions of the terms of payment. Clients agree to pay the instalments xun Yang paper invoice is constituted of a serious breach of these terms, xun Yang paper also therefore has the right to retain or immediately to stop the order/contract or other agreement of order of the production/shipment. In this case, the customer still has to bear all orders of all finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials caused by all kinds of costs. In addition, customers also need to the requirements of the xun Yang paper to hand over the prime rate plus 3% interest to HSBC xun Yang paper as the amount due and not default interest payments.

7.2 title retention: the ownership of the goods at all cost and other customer accounts payable payment transfer. However, although the ownership of the goods did not transfer, xun Yang paper shall have the right to refuse to pay the payment due date to the customer behavior to take legal action.

7.3 fee: customers while allowing other printer to print the first by the xun Yang paper according to the order before the augmented reality technology products, must be at least seven days in advance to xun Yang paper written notice, and should be under the condition of the xun Yang paper requirement pay xun Yang paper continue to use the reasonable use of augmented reality.

Any other provision of 8.

Force majeure: 8.1 xun Yang paper on due to force majeure or natural causes (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, and terrorist activities, the government sanctions, blockade, embargo, labor disputes, strikes, lockouts or power interruption power failures or other them unable to reasonably control the incident caused unable to perform their duties shall not be responsible. After the xun Yang paper inform customer this reason,xun Yang paper can be a reasonable delay to meet its obligations.

8.2 relations: between customers and xun Yang paper is independent of the relationship between the buyer and the seller. Unless the terms and conditions to make clear, the customers have or not said it has any right, power or authorized to restrain xun Yang paper, or on behalf of xun Yang paper or in the name of the xun Yang paper expressly or implicitly assume any obligation or responsibility. Any of these terms and conditions which did not constitute a or interpreted as a xun Yang paper is a partner with the client, employer/employee, franchise/franchisees or principal/agent relationship. Customers do not represent the xun Yang paper made any written or verbal guarantee, guarantee, or intention.

8.3 agreement: unless the parties have reached a binding agreement, otherwise the xun Yang paper can decide to change these terms without prior notice to the customer. These terms and conditions above the conflicting terms and conditions in any other agreement.

8.4 applicable law and jurisdiction of the court: this contract/document shall be governed by the laws of the Hong Kong special administrative region of the People‘s Republic of China and according to the explanation, the customer agree on/file all matters relating to this contract, shall be of the People‘s Republic of China under the jurisdiction of the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Hong Kong special administrative region, except in the case of the following: (a) for customers in continental Europe, by those of the continent, who the franco-prussian institute (Belgium) under the jurisdiction of the exclusive jurisdiction; And (b) for customers outside of the continent, Leo paper products shall have the right to choose and decide by it considers appropriate state court to exercise jurisdiction. If there is a conflict of laws, foreign court will have to use the law of the Hong Kong special administrative region.

Note: 2.7 clause may not apply to our American customers, we will make special provisions in the middle of the quotation