Privacy statement

Privacy statement

In addition to the following situation, xun Yang printing will not disclose or reveal any information collected through the web site about your:

1.We ask for your permission in advance; or

2.Required by applicable laws and regulations of the company and the public or disclose; or

3.The company for the implementation of the government agency, court compulsory public or disclose or other legal process.

Confidentiality clause

xun Yang printing promises to fully respect and protect your privacy.Xun Yang  printing has taken appropriate physical, electronic, and management procedures to protect your information, and through its effectively prevent any unauthorized access, thus maintain data security, and ensure that xun Yang printing and proper use of information gathered on the Internet. In addition to the above purpose, xun Yang printing will not use your information or will give you information disclosure to any third party.

xun Yang printing will do its best to protect your data and information, in order to prevent any unauthorized use of your data information, disclose, transfer, or the public. xun Yang printing promises to allow only authorized employees or other relevant personnel to use your data for specific purposes. Please pay attention to keep your account and password, after you finished browsing, please ensure that the log out of your account immediately, otherwise, all the losses caused shall be borne by your own.