Self- creation

Innovation and Technology


Innovation has always been one of xun Yang‘s core values



We are committed to become knowledge-based innovative companies. In order to ensure that provide customers with innovative technology solutions for the commitment, we established the innovation of science and technology research and development center. We actively take action, through the use of the latest technology, we not only have the core competitiveness of the leading, also through the use of new technology, new materials, new technology, to promote the research and development of innovative activities. Innovation is not only advantageous to the enterprise, is the key to sustainable development strategy, we can help you to ensure that we continue to meet the diversity and dynamics of the market demand, as well as new technologies and modes of changing business requirements.




In order to expand all kinds of application technology in printing industry, we try, adopt and integrate other industries, such as textile, cosmetics, toys, decorations, and other industries the use of technology and skills. For a successful integration of these new technologies have become xun Yang an integral part of the growing, enables us to provide you and your customers a large number of innovative business solutions. By setting a strategy that ensures the sustainable development of our technology and achievement.




Self- creation/Innovation and Technology